Me and the City


4 thoughts on “NYC B&W

  1. Big metropolises – and the people they tend to draw – have something mesmerising in them, don’t they? While they’re all very different and unique, there is also something that they all have in common, something I cannot pinpoint or name properly, but which is definitely there. I have been trying to capture all that in Moscow, with a very little result so far. For me, you managed to capture the very essence of NY along with its big-cityness and anonymity – I have never been there, but all that I know or believe or imagine about New York is there in your pictures. They’re excellent, I like hem very much! 🙂

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  2. Thank you! I am happy you like them. I wanted to visit New York for so long, when being there i wanted to capture all I felt. I loved Manhattan, there are so many great photo subjects there.. People, streets, events.. And you are right, they are unique, but at the same time you feel they are familiar, you have the metropol feeling…
    Btw you made me interested in Moscow.. 😉

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